Tips To Prevent Hand Pain

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Hands are responsible for major tasks like, reaching distant things, grabbing, writing, touching, holding, lifting heavy objects etc. Each human hand consists of 27 bones including fingers, palm, wrist and arm. Hand pain can be triggered due to various causes like bruises, nerve disorders, fractures, infections, dislocated wrist, Arthritis, Tendinitis, etc. Following are some tips which can be helpful in the prevention of hand pain.

  • Prevent injuries: Hand pain that is caused by injuries like cuts and bruises can be easily prevented by taking more care of your hands. Handling objects that are potentially injuring, like knife, heavy objects etc. carefully can also help in saving your hand from an injury. Also, avoiding falls can be helpful in preventing injuries to the hand.
  • Wear protective gear while athletic activities: Injuries like wrist fractures and sprains are very common with people who get indulged in sports and athletic activities. You must wear proper protective gear at the time of these activities to reduce the risk of hand pain.
  • Build bone strength: One can also prevent the risk of hand and wrist pain by building bone strength. It can be built by taking measures like doing regular exercises, drinking milk and eating food that is rich in calcium.
  • Avoid straining the muscles: Repetitive movements of the hand or wrist can exhaust the muscles and tendons of the hand which can result in their inflammation. Proper rest should be provided to the muscles in order to prevent hand pain. It is recommended to take regular breaks while long sessions of activities like writing, knitting, etc. to prevent stress in the wrist and fingers.
  • Regular exercises: Hand pain can be prevented by doing regular exercises to build strength and regulate the flow of blood. Various stretching exercises of wrists and fingers can be helpful in releasing the stress from the muscles.
  • Proper posture: It is recommended to use proper posture while doing everyday activities like typing, chopping vegetables, carrying heavy things, holding the steering, etc. It can help in the prevention of muscle or tendon pulls and sprains.
  • Improve grip: For athletes, it is recommended to improve the grip while holding the gymnasium training bars at the time of workouts. This can reduce the possibility of injuries. It is suggested to use full hand while gripping as using only the thumb and index finger can strain the wrist. Gripping objects like pen, spoon, stair supports, etc. gently can also help in preventing muscle stress.

These preventive measures should be taken to prevent hand and wrist pain. In case of hand pain, visit your nearest hand/wrist doctor immediately.

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